The FlexLondon Challenge


We are looking for likeminded companies/orgs who are interested in taking an active role in London’s first flexibility community

There is up to 1 GW of Flexibility in London. That means we can shift when our retail sites, homes, offices, schools or hospitals consume energy. This allows decentralised, intermittent renewable power or electric vehicles a faster pace of adoption, and lowers energy costs for all Londoners.  

FlexLondon is a Mayor of London initiative to accelerate the uptake of smart low carbon energy flexibility by bringing together parties with potential flexible demand with innovative providers of flexibility management solutions.


Why do we need flexibility?

Flexibility is about choosing when and where we use energy, particularly electricity, to allow the entire energy system to be more cost effective for all users. 

Electricity has always been produced in real time to meet users demands, but this is changing. 

The amount of electricity renewable generation produces is dependent on the wind and sunlight so, if we can use or store renewable energy when it is abundant, we can reduce the total amount of generation needed and the amount of high carbon generation kept on standby.




We are seeking energy consumers in London - homes, businesses, campuses, commercial, industrial and public sector sites can all participate. 

If you are a solutions provider that can unlock flexibility, we want to hear from you.  FlexLondon matches your solutions to sites. 

We are seeking expressions of interest to join at this stage. We will be in touch if your site or solution qualifies for the next phase. This is an inclusive program that considers how we involve all communities and ensures that we all share in the benefits.


The Program


FlexLondon is identifying opportunities and hurdles to a cohesive London flexibility marketplace, to future proof the business case for flexibility for individual sites, but more widely for the system, so flexible capacity is available when we need it.

We aim to move beyond trials to improve the commercial case for innovative, viable projects.


FlexLondon has tWO key phases

Identify and engage with sites for potential flexibility in London - energy consumers

Phase 1: Identify and engage the community of innovative providers of technical and commercial flexibility solutions to find new business models for unlocking flexibility - solution providers

Phase 2: Run a challenge/acceleration process to build a flexibility marketplace in London, by matching sites with solutions, creating visibility and opportunities to price the value from a system-wide local flexibility 

By creating an environment where we can grow a diverse range of flexibility solutions, building a pipeline of innovators, identifying funding mechanisms and policy or market barriers, we can better understand how to shorten the time it takes to commercialise flexible energy services in London, contributing to a smart, zero carbon city well ahead of 2050.