Energy Users

What FlexLondon means to you / your business:

When you use technology to enable movement in when you consume energy you become flexible.  This flexibility in your energy usage allows you to choose cheaper periods and avoid higher prices saving you and your business money.  Cheaper prices are generally a result of plentiful renewable energy on the grid, so you will also be contributing to London's low carbon future.

Making better use of the city’s assets reduces everyone’s costs and improves the environment we live and work in.


Phase 2 benefits - Matching & Implementing 

  • Match your demand to low carbon energy generation, lowering your carbon impacts.
  • Minimise your energy costs by using energy when it is most cost effective.
  • Access new additional revenue streams for supporting the wider energy system.
  • Increase utilisation of your on-site renewable resources.
  • Replace old diesel backup with low emission solutions.

Phase 1 benefits - Planning & Engagement

  • Access our database of profiles for innovative flexibility solution providers.
  • Come to our networking events where you can meet a range of innovative flexibility solution providers and other energy users evaluating flexibility options.
  • You will have the opportunity to put forward your site(s) as a candidate phase 2 of FlexLondon.