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Our team has extensive project experience of smart energy systems, technologies, networks, services

Daniel Barrett

Lead – Smart Energy, Greater London Authority

Project role - Sponsor  

Expertise - Energy policy, strategy, innovation, smart energy for cities

Rick Curtis

Senior Policy & Programme Officer (Smart Energy), Greater London Authority

Project role - Sponsor, Project delivery  

Expertise - Energy policy and innovation, smart cities, corporate sustainability

Molly Webb

CEO, Energy Unlocked

Project role - Co-director  

Expertise - Energy innovation, renewable energy, smart cities, city procurement, corporate sustainability

Mark Bornhoft

CEO, Eigen Ventures

Project role - Co-director  

Expertise - Energy innovation commercialisation, UK energy system expertise

Robert Friel

Power networks innovation specialist, Energy Unlocked

Project role - Power network specialist

Expertise - Regulation, commercial propositions, energy network management, smart grid

Project role - Project delivery lead

Expertise - Smart buildings, energy efficiency & carbon reduction


Founder & Director, Quantenergy

Project role - Energy innovation specialist

Expertise - Energy generation, energy efficiency and smart grid management

David Porter

Project Manager, Energy Unlocked

Catriona power

Business Development, Energy Unlocked

Project role - Sourcing solution analyst 

Expertise - Engagement processes, clean technology, energy efficiency, smart cities

Project role - Project support

Expertise – Climate policy research


Associate, Quantenergy

Project role - Phase 1 Corporate engagement  

Expertise - Stakeholder management, energy efficiency, corporate sustainability strategies

Myles McCarthy

Project Director, Carbon Trust

Project role - Phase 1 Data analyst 

Expertise - Energy management, technical energy audits, technical and financial analysis

David Tobin

Project Associate and technical lead, Carbon Trust

Manu Ravishankar

Project Manager, Carbon Trust

Project role - Phase 1 Corporate engagement

Expertise - Electricity system flexibility analysis, electricity policy and regulation

The advisory group for FlexLondon informs project design (Phase 1) and site identification and service provider engagement, data requirements, accelerating projects and flexibility market design.

  • Tereza Borges, co-Founder, N3rgy

  • Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Head of Smart Grid Development, UK Power Networks

  • Ian Walker, Director, Element Energy

  • David Merefield, Senior Energy and Carbon Manager, Sainsbury’s

  • Emma Harrison, Head of Systems Integration, Energy Systems Catapult

  • Tim Stiven, Head of Delivery, Energy Systems Catapult

  • Tanja Dalle-Muenchmeyer, Programme Manager Electric Freight, Cross River Partnership

  • Manu Ravishankar, Manager, Policy and Innovation, The Carbon Trust

  • Andrew Lever, Director, Policy & Innovation, The Carbon Trust

  • Benjamin Kott, CEO, Fabriq

  • Sally Fenton, Project Leader, UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

  • Dr. Jeff Hardy, Senior Research Fellow, Imperial College London

  • Jonathan Bryers, Partner, 350 Investment Partners

  • Joanna Hubbard, co-Founder, Electron

  • Marie-Christine Napier, IMCG Innovation, and Project Manager for CELSIUS (Horizon 2020

  • (Phase 1) Mark Thompson, Energy team, Innovate UK

  • (Phase 1) David Shipworth, Professor of Energy and the Built Environment, UCL Energy Institute

  • (Phase 1) Shelagh Whitley, Climate and Energy Lead, Overseas Development Institute

  • (Phase 1) James Byrne, Co-Founder, Sustainable Workspaces, and Better Futures Delivery Partner

  • (Phase 1) Nick Mabey, London Sustainable Development Commission and co-Founder, E3G

  • (Phase 1) Paul Jordan, Head of Business Development, Energy Systems Catapult

  • (Phase 1) Tim Pryce, Energy and Buildings Programme Director, C40