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Our team has extensive project experience of smart energy systems, technologies, networks, services  

Daniel Barrett

Lead – Smart Energy, Greater London Authority

Project role - Sponsor  

Expertise - Energy policy, strategy, innovation, smart energy for cities

Rick Curtis

Senior Policy & Programme Officer (Smart Energy), Greater London Authority

Project role - Sponsor, Project delivery  

Expertise - Energy policy and innovation, smart cities, corporate sustainability

Molly Webb

CEO, Energy Unlocked

Project role - Co-director  

Expertise - Energy innovation, renewable energy, smart cities, city procurement, corporate sustainability

Mark Bornhoft

CEO, Eigen Ventures

Project role - Co-director  

Expertise - Energy innovation commercialisation, UK energy system expertise

Robert Friel

Power networks innovation specialist, Energy Unlocked

Project role - Power network specialist

Expertise - Regulation, commercial propositions, energy network management, smart grid

Project role - Project Manager

Expertise - Energy generation, energy efficiency and smart grid management

David Porter

Project Manager, Energy Unlocked

Catriona power

Business Development, Energy Unlocked

Project role - Sourcing solution analyst 

Expertise - Engagement processes, clean technology, energy efficiency, smart cities

Project role - Corporate engagement and oversight of Carbon Trust outputs 

Expertise - Stakeholder management, energy efficiency, corporate sustainability strategies

Myles McCarthy

Project Director, Carbon Trust

Project role - Data analyst 

Expertise - Energy management, technical energy audits, technical and financial analysis

David Tobin

Project Associate and technical lead, Carbon Trust

Manu Ravishankar

Project Manager, Carbon Trust

Project role - Corporate engagement

Expertise - Electricity system flexibility analysis, electricity policy and regulation

The steering group for phase 1 of FlexLondon will inform the design the FlexLondon challenge process which follows the current phase -- site identification and service provider engagement.